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Welcome to the premier guide & blog for identity theft repair related issues in the five boroughs of New York City including Brooklyn & Queens. We are here to deliver you the best tips on how to restore the damage done to you by the theft of your identity and help you get a fresh start at life. Stay tuned for tips on medical, car, insurance, tax, child and many other types of identity theft. We will show you the best ways to approach repairing your credit and when, where and how to use attorneys to achieve this. The law is on your side and we will help you get back on track.

Sometimes things happen in life that you never imagined you would have to face. Nobody in their right mind would ever suspect that their identity will be stolen. Moreover, they would never dream of the different identity theft crimes that they can be subjected to. Most ordinary people do not even know that their children's identity needs to be secured. They definitely never conjured up a thought that their medical insurance would be compromised. As the guide operator, that was recently in contact with a Queens Ledger featured identity theft lawyer, I can tell you that the shock and awe level that the victims express to their legal advisors is uncanny.

Victims express how identity theft is just a pure havoc in every aspect of their life. Imagine waking up one morning knowing that you are not you anymore because someone else out there is pretending to be you. This can be really disturbing. Identity theft horrors include the terrible reality that someone else can be using your personal information including your name, address, social security number, mortgage accounts, children's accounts, medical information, credit card information and more. Identity theft in areas like Brooklyn & Queens (the areas where I live) have been on the rise. Sadly, my area has became a haven for identity theft crooks as it's highly populated and has many immigrants residing in it (who have a harder time with the language and keeping up to date with their credit information).

If you have been a victim of any crime related to your identity, call your local authorities now and reach out to an attorney right away.

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